May 26, 2015

Tarpon Season Sanibel Fort Myers!

We are now about a third of the way into our Tarpon season here in SW Florida. Captains Bill and Matt have been doing their job and getting their customers on some big Silver Kings!  

They've been mostly down south off Fort Myers Beach but are working their way up to Boca Grande where these 150 lb plus beauties com year after year. 

The action has been good and really heating up as June is just around the corner!  There are just a few slots left so don't delay, book your tarpon charter today!

November 26, 2014

Winter Species Sanibel Fishing Charters

Carrie Vollmer visiting from Michigan got a chance to  wrangle a few black drum and redfish  today while  enjoying this great weather. 

November is a great month for fishing. Not only is the weather great here (sunny and 73 tomorrow) but some good eating species start to return. Mackerel, pompano, sheepshead, black drum and mangrove snapper are among some of the species that are great table fare that migrate here starting in October.

We hope you!ll be lucky enough to visit us in the fall when Sanibel and Fort Myers fishing is incomparable!

Tight Lines,

First Mate

November 12, 2014

Perfect Weather for a Sanibel Fishing Charter!

We have had some real "Chamber of Commerce" days with our weather. November is my wife's favorite time of year because it's the best of everything, weather, fishing, clear water and no waiting time at restaurants!  

 A perfect snook for dinner caught near Sanibel Island

The high pressure that gives us this great weather  can also make for some unfavorable fishing conditions. However with a little planning you can you have an incredible day.  I had the opportunity to fish with some great families for the last few days and we found ourselves with extra low tides in the morning.  We started out by fishing exposed osyster bars and grass flats in Pine Island Sound which produced so many redfish we lost count!  Several slot size snook as well as a few small bonnet sharks.  

Nothing better than a Sanibel fishing charter!

As the tide rolled in along with the wind we worked into the shoreline and creeks to stay out  the wind where the schools of jacks were so abundant  we almost ran  out of bait. 

A beautiful example of a red drum

Several snook and snapper where caught as well. With winter fast approaching in this perfect days of fall are soon to come to an end which only means Pompano and sheepshead should be knocking on our door pretty soon. 

Tight Lines,

Capt Bill